Haemokinesis provides the highest quality reagents, software and automation for all immunohaematology procedures with the purpose of ensuring transfusion safety and security in terms of laboratory testing. DAY medical is also committed to providing scientific support and information for all our customers, by maintaining the philosophy that began many years ago, that educational opportunities should be available to everyone.

With a real focus on continuous improvement, DAY medical strives to make the best products and services available to its customers.


  • - Fastest gel test 5 minutes routine blood group
    - DAT, RhK phenotype, Newborn Group and Coombs test
    - 10 minutes Antibody Screen, IAT Crossmatch and Antibody Identification if required.



  • No fluids, no washing, no rinsing, eliminating risk of cross-contamination.

  • No Weekly maintenance!

  • Gel is automatically added to the 18 empty test wells (patented) depending on the required tests. This provides the highest flexibility.

  • Reagents (antibodies, red cells) in specially designed disposable cartridges (patent pending), avoids reagents handling. No dead volumes, no reagent waste.

  • Innovative centrifuge system with integrated incubator device and reactions image analysis.

  • Incubation at 37°C for any number/combination of the 18 wells.

  • True emergency function: simply introduce the sample tube at any time for immediate priority processing.


  • Start-up time (instrument): 3 min

  • Emergency samples (up to 18 tests): results in 18 min Incubation time: 7 min

  • Centrifugation time: 7 min

  • Complete disc (18 tests): results in 18 min

Mast is an independent world class manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic products for clinical, industrial and veterinary testing.

Mast offers its extensive product range through these Subsidiary and Associate companies plus a global network

of Distributors. Mast also supplies on a country by country basis other quality diagnostic products from several Internationally renowned manufacturers. To view a full list of their products please click on the catalog below.

LP ITALIANA SPA was founded in 1974 and has always concentrated its efforts in the research and development of disposable products for the MEDICAL Fields, specifically: clinical chemistry, hematology serology, microbiology and bacteriology aiming to the full satisfaction of its customers.

LP ITALIANA was the first Italian company to manufacture plastic disposable products and to supply public and private hospitals, industries and research laboratories. Since then, the company has been the market leader in Italy and achieved important goals in the country and also worldwide. A very thorough maintenance planning is followed in order to keep all machines and facilities in working order.

For LP ITALIANA list of products please click on the catalog.

Smart Solutions for Smarter Bloodbanking

Centron Corporation is exclusively specialized in blood bank equipment solutions. Innovation in engineering and quality has been their top priority since the establishment in 1991. Centron has earned a high reputation in the global blood bank and laboratory equipment market. Its competitive advantages are generated from complete in-house R&D, manufacturing and quality management capabilities complying with ISO13485 quality standards. Centron is committed to continually contribute to the revolution of blood bank industry by presenting smart products.

For a complete list of their product, please click here.

Desktop and Handheld Tube Sealers

Plasma Separator